Know Your Paper Weight

Paper weight refers to the density or thickness of paper. It is usually designated as text, cover, bond, and metric weight. To keep it simple, we use bond and cover weight to describe the different papers we use. Bond paper is a lighter weight paper used for flyers, booklets, presentations, calendars, and trifold brochures. We offer three bond weights: 20#, 24#, and our premium 32#. Cover weight paper, also known as cardstock, is thicker and more durable. We use it for business cards, postcards, and event posters. We offer two cover weights: 100# and 110#.

Resolution In A Nutshell

In printing, resolution refers to the density of ink or toner on media. Higher resolution yields a higher quality result. However, the resolution of the original digital file determines how well it is printed. Many photos and graphics found commonly online do not print well at larger sizes. This is because they are uploaded at a lower resolution required for crisp print. As a result, their final print size will be much smaller than they are presented on the internet.

What Is Bleed?

A full-bleed print has printing to the edge of the paper. This type of printing generally requires the item to be trimmed after being printed. It requires an extra step in production. A non-bleed print contains a border around the edges of the paper or substrate of approximately 3/16" that does not contain print. Our online design and downloadable templates allow for full-bleed printing.